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About Our Brand

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Three Women



Be Beautiful by being You.

We are proud to be women. Women are strong and resilient, yet gentle and so very kind.

As a woman you must love yourself and your body.

We all have our own beauty and dressing for confidence will always help that beauty shine.

It is our belief that dressing for your shape helps you look and feel your best. Classic style never goes out of fashion and a well dressed women is always in style!

Don't hide it, Flaunt it!

The trick  is not to hide any part of your figure, but to show it off in all its glory.  Wear fitted clothes that show off your curves, rather than trying to disguise them  - and the key to looking incredible is that enviable waistline of yours - so always make sure that you choose dresses that cinch in your narrowest point.

Choose lighter weight fabrics without extra bulk to give you a lean look and opt for clothes with built-in support, which will give you a great shape. Be careful to avoid shapeless shift or bias-cut gowns, as these styles over accentuate your hour-glass figure and may give the appearance that your hips and bottom are larger than they really are.

Three Women
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